Why should I upgrade my account?

Upgraded plans come with more verifications and enhanced features

Our paid plans include everything you love about Sandbox mode, plus:

  • Liveness Detection
  • Facematch
  • ID Authenticity
  • Full API Access
  • Webhook
  • Customizations
  • Watch List Check


We offer two paid options:

  • Our Startup plan is ideal for workflows of less than 1,500 verifications per month.  It offers enhanced features and starts at just $99 per month + $1.50 per verification.
  • Our Growth plan accommodates workflows of up to 5,000 verifications a month. It starts at $299 per month + $1.25 per verification.

For more information, please check out pricing details on our website. If you already have a Passbase account, you can also navigate to Settings > Subscription


Don't see a match? Request a demo here. We may be able to create a more tailored plan to better fit your needs.