When will my account be billed?

Your billing will depend on whether you chose to purchase the annual or monthly payment option.

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Getting Started

Passbase will bill the credit card provided during the activation process on a 30-day billing cycle for your completed verifications and additional checks. The subscription payment cycle is dependent on selecting annual or monthly payment options

Annual Subscription

If you have chosen to pay for your Passbase subscription annually, you will be charged the full annual amount as soon as you activate your account and you will be able to access your upgraded features straight away. You will be charged for your verifications and any watchlist checks, database checks, and additional documents every 30 days.

Monthly Subscription

If you have chosen one of our monthly payment plans, you will be billed for the first month straight away and will instantly have access to the upgraded features. You will then continue to be charged for your Passbase account every 30 days. This includes your monthly subscription fee, as well as your charges per verification and any watchlist checks, database checks, and additional documents.


Want to access your past invoices? Check here. Need to update your payment method? Check here.