What verifications do I get billed for?

With the Passbase Dashboard, you will be billed for each verification processed, regardless of whether the verification is approved or declined. The price per verification will depend on the pricing plan that you have signed up for and you will always have the option of upgrading your plan to better meet your verification needs. 


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Getting Started

With you upgrade your Passbase account, you will be billed per processed verification. Each verification on your dashboard will be billed regardless of whether or not the verification is approved or rejected. Your billing rate depends on your pricing plan.

  • Your Sandbox Project lets you test your first 50 verifications for free and is available when purchasing any paid plan.
  • Our Startup plan is ideal for workflows of up to 200 verifications per month. It offers enhanced features and starts at just $99 per month + $1.59 per verification or $999 per year + $1.49 per verification monthly.
  • Our Growth plan accommodates workflows of up to 2,000 verifications a month. It starts at $299 per month + $1.39 per verification or $2,999 per year + $1.29 per verification monthly.
  • Our Enterprise plan is a customized plan based on your company's needs. Reach out to our sales team for more information.


Questions? Find more information on our pricing page