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What pricing plans are available?

Based on experience with our customers, we drafted three pricing plans to define the level of your pay, available features, and the scope of their usage. Learn more about our pricing plans by visiting our pricing page.


Getting Started

Passbase offers three major pricing options to address the needs of companies of all types and sizes. All pricing plans include a Sandbox project with 50 free verifications to use for the integration and testing process. Each pricing plan is available as monthly or annual subscription.

Passbase Pricing Plans

  1. Startup pricing plan is tailored for small companies that prefer to pay a bit more for a single verification but keep their subscription costs low. This plan is well suited for companies that plan to run fewer than 200 verifications per month.
  2. Growth pricing plan is designed for growing startups and medium-sized companies that plan a stable amount of verifications per month, and want to lower the cost per verification. This pricing plan also includes the following additional features:
    • Advanced Customization
    • Biometric Authentication*
    • 5 Project Environments
    • Dedicated Integration Support
  3. Enterprise pricing plan is made for enterprise-sized companies that have specific needs. For these customers, we offer custom pricing per verification, in addition to, the following features:
    • White-labelling
    • Customized Verification Flow
    • 5+ Project Environments
    • Dedicated Support

Activation demoAnnual Subscription Pricing


Monthly Subscription Pricing


Biometric Authentication is an additional cost feature available on Growth and Enterprise plans. Request a demo here or reach out to our sales team for more information.