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What is Passbase?

Identity verification with just a few lines of code

Passbase is an identity verification engine that allows you to seamlessly verify and manage your users' identity information with our suite of developer tools and dashboards. 


We identify people using government ID documents and facial recognition

We verify the identity of your users with government ID's and facial recognition. You can be confident that the person joining your platform or service is who they claim to be while reducing fraud, increasing user trust, and ensuring you stay compliant with privacy regulations. 

We accept documents from around the world

We complete fast and accurate identity verifications using documents from over 150 countries, including national IDs, driver licenses, and passports. For more information on document coverage, please reach out to sales@passbase.com

We are built for developers by developers

Our products are built to save your engineering team time and effort. We handle the complexity, letting you deploy world-class identity verification in your software with easy to integrate SDKs. Our product is available for Web (JavaScript and HTML), React, Angular, React Native, Flutter, iOS, and Android. You can find sample code and integration guides in our documentation

We make it easy to get started

Your first 50 verifications are on us, no strings attached. After that, you can upgrade to any of our paid plans. Everything you need to get started is included in this guide and in our documentation!


Want to learn more? Visit our website or schedule a free demo.