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What is Passbase?

Passbase is an identity verification engine that allows you to seamlessly verify and manage your users' identity information with our suite of developer tools and dashboards.


Getting Started

Solve identity verification and scale your product with Passbase. Forward-thinking brands use Passbase to securely verify their customers' identities through ID documents, selfies, and government databases.

Our technology identifies people using government ID documents and facial recognition.

Match IDs to faces with top-ranked NIST face comparison technology and prevent spoofing attacks with industry leading liveness detection. Identity verification is important to reduce fraud, increase user trust, and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.

Passbase accepts identity documents from around the world.

Authenticate 6,000+ government issued identity documents from over 190 countries in a matter of seconds on web and mobile. For more information on document coverage, please reach out to sales@passbase.com.

Passbase is built for developers by developers.

Our products are built to save your engineering team time and effort. We handle the complexity of the engineering, letting you deploy world-class identity verification. The Software Development Kits (SDKs) are easy to integrate.

Our product is integrated in web applications through HTML+JavaScript, React, Angular, or the Hosted Web Link (no-code solution). Mobile applications are integrated with React Native, Flutter, iOS, or Android. You can find sample code and integration guides in our documentation.

It is easy to get started.

Book a demo with sales to get started today!.


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