What is Facematch Factor?

When a user completes a verification, Passbase uses facematching technology to determine if the person in the selfie video is the same person in the submitted identity documents. Passbase then sets the facematch factor to determine if the person in the video does, in fact, match the person on the ID.

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Getting started

A user is required to upload an official government-issued photo ID, as well as take a short selfie video, when completing their verification. Using our proprietary software, we are able to compare a user's selfie video with the photo on their ID document to make sure that they belong to the same person.

We calculate facematch factor as a percentage and average this into a user's total score. The percentage is then returned on the Passbase API and is visible in your Dashboard. You can learn more about total scores here.

Note that if there is more than one photo of the user on the document, the selfie video will be compared with both photos.