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Support Guidelines

This document provides an overview of our support channels and processes, as well as our target response times for support requests.

Where can I get help?

Paying customers are eligible to submit a support ticket via our Support Form.

Critical production issues should be reported via the Support Form for the fastest response. 

Target Response Time

The priority and nature of a support request dictate the response times we will aim to adhere to. Support tickets should be lodged with the appropriate priority based on the definitions below:

Priority Definition
(one or more of the following)
Target Response Time
  • Feature request
  • General question
  • An issue in a production environment that does not affect verification
  • Issues in non-production/testing environments
2 business days*
  • Issue affecting a single user in production that affects user verification
  • Minor business impact.
1 business day*
  • Issue affecting multiple users in production that affects user verification.
  • Significant business impact.
4 business hours**
*Business Day: Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm CET.
**Business Hour: An elapsed hour during a business day.