Where do I find my API keys?

In order to send verification information from the user's device to your Passbase Dashboard, you need to copy your Passebase API keys directly into your project. Here you will find your publishable API key, used for client-side SDKs, and your secret API key, used to retrieve the personal data of your customers from Passbase identities API.


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Getting Started

Each project on the Passbase Dashboard has two API keys, a Publishable Key and a Secret Key. The Publishable API key is used with the client-side SDK to integrate your Passbase verification flow into your web or mobile application. The Secret API key is used to fetch sensitive data from your Passbase project including information extracted from the submitted identity document.

Please only use your Publishable API key for client-side integrations, as your Secret API key can access sensitive end user data. Be very careful with the Secret API key. Never share it or send it through unencrypted communication methods!

Steps to Access API Keys

  1. Go to the Passbase Dashboard, and login with the email address and password used to activate your account

  2. In the bottom left corner, click Settings


  3. Within the Project section, click API Keys
  4. Scroll down to see both your sandbox and production API keys
  5. Click Copy to copy the key into your project

If you want to learn more about API Keys, check out our documentation.