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Passbase Shut Down

Wind Down Timeline

  • Passbase announces acquisition by Parallel Markets, granting customers a 60-day grace period (March 27, 2023) 
  • Passbase begins winding down operations and services (30 April, 2023) 
    • SLAs will no longer be in effect after this point; therefore, any verifications processed will be subject to longer wait times. 
    • Support tickets will no longer be accepted. If a customer needs any assistance, please reach out to support@passbase.com 
    • 30 day grace period begins for customers to pull data via Passbase API 
  • Passbase fully shut down (30 May, 2023)

How Do I Get My Data?

Customers have two options to export data from Passbase; using the self-service API, or requesting a data export via our support channel.

Data obtained via the API or an export request contains highly sensitive data and should be treated with utmost confidentiality and caution. We highly suggest that exports should only be requested if you are legally obliged to maintain the data. Avoid storing or uploading the data to any insecure or publicly accessible locations.

1. Export Using the API

All verification data and associated resources can be obtained via our API:

An example of how data can be obtained:

  1. Get Identity information in bulk via the List Identities endpoint. Note, due to limits on the number of identities returned for each API call, you may need to handle pagination by passing the cursor from the first response to the next call.
  2. For each identity, call the List Resources endpoint to obtain the id for the resource and each associated resource file.
  3. Call the Get Resource File endpoint to get the specific file.

2. Request a Data Export

Note: Only one export will be processed. Please only submit the form once fully offboarded as further requests will not be supported. Exported projects will be disabled after the export has been shared.

Alternatively, you can request a data export by submitting the Data Export Request Form. Note: this form requires Google sign-in to verify your email address. If your email address is not managed by Google, please email your request to support@passbase.com.

Exports can be provided upon the earlier of:

  1. Customers confirm that they have offboarded from the Passbase platform (the form is submitted), or
  2. After May 30, 2023, before June 15, 2023. No data will be ingested after May 30, exported files will be shared by June 15th.

Exports will be provided as an encrypted archive (.zip.gpg file), with the following folder structure: <Project>/<user_email>/<resource>.

Instructions to decrypt the files will be shared securely with the export.

Who is Parallel Markets?  

Parallel Markets is a leading provider of investor identity tools for individuals and institutions.

The Parallel Passport is the easiest way for financial institutions to onboard clients and validate information for business entities and natural persons. Parallel Markets also has a solution for 506c accreditation verifications. If you are interested in learning more about their offerings please see here: https://parallelmarkets.com/identity-passbase

Alternative Vendors for IDV

Here is a list of vendors that we would recommend:

  • Persona (they have a strong presence and feature set that supports the North American market)
  • Veriff (they have a strong presence and feature set that supports the EU market)
  • Onfido (Global presence, skewed toward large/enterprise services)
  • Shufti Pro (Caters to start-ups, EU presence)
  • Sumsub (they have a strong presence and feature set that supports globally)
  • Jumio (Global presence, skewed toward large/enterprise services)
  • Berbix (they have a strong presence and feature set that supports globally)