What are webhooks and how do I set them up?

A webhook provides other web applications with real-time information. You can set them up in just a few steps

Also called a HTTP push API, a webhook delivers data to a connected application, once a predefined event occurs. This might include creating an authentication or changing the review status of an authentication.


You can use these events to trigger certain actions within your own system (i. e. enable your users to continue on-boarding once their authentication is processed). This eliminates the time-consuming task of pulling data manually. You only have to pull the data via the available API, when needed.

How do I set up my webhook?

  1. Configure an endpoint on your own server that can process HTTPS post requests.
  2. Issue a script on your endpoint that can handle JSON files.
  3. Create a unique API key for Passbase (this key secures the authenticity of the information we will send you).
  4. Have an active paid plan and access to your account.

Once you've fulfilled all of these requirements, please reach out to our developer support to finalize the setup.


If you want more information on webhooks, check out our documentation