How do I integrate Passbase?

Our documentation offers a detailed, step-by-step guide for the full integration process.  The graph below gives an overview on how our identity platform works, where to receive notifications, and how you can interact with Passbase. Passbase also provides a no code integration solution using your Hosted Web Link.

API V2 Integration Workflow

Getting Started

To integrate the Passbase Verification Flow in your mobile or web application, you are required to use one of the provided client-side SDKs. You will then need to configure your backend to receive the Passbase webhook events, and call the Passbase API using one of our server-side libraries.

  1. Create a Passbase developer account if you haven't done so
  2. Integrate the Verification flow with one of our client-side SDKs
    • Store identityAccessKey returned from onFinish or onSubmitted method
  3. Set up Webhooks, so that you are notified about completed or reviewed verification events
  4. Optional - Enable the Biometric Authentication flow
  5. Integrate one of our server-side libraries in your backend to handle the webhook events and query the Passbase API for details about a verification using identityAccessKey(client-side SDKs) or key (from the webhook).

Client-side SDKs

Webhook Events

  • VERIFICATION_COMPLETED: The Verification has completed processing and is ready to be reviewed in your developer dashboard.
  • VERIFICATION_REVIEWED: The Verification has been approved or declined in your developer dashboard.
  • DATAPOINT_UPDATED: The Verification has one or more data points updated post processing.
  • WATCHLIST_MONITORING: The Identity returns as not clean from the adverse media and / or watchlist check.
  • IDENTITY_AUTHENTICATED: The Authentication has successfully been approved through Biometric Authentication.

Server-side Libraries

API Endpoints

  • List Identities: List all the identities retrievable by the provided Secret API key.
  • Get Identity: Retrieve an identity by providing the identityAccessKey.
  • List Resources: List resources attached to an identity by providing the identityAcessKey.
  • Get Resources: Get a resource attached to an identity by providing the identityAcessKey and resource ID.

For  detailed integration guides please take a look at our documentation. You can also reach our support team at