How long does the verification process take?

Verifications help validate identifications. On average, Passbase verifications are processed within 3 minutes or less. Find out more information about the verification process. Gif.gif?width=688&name=Verification Gif.gif

Getting Started:

There are two steps to the verification process. The end user must complete the verification flow, submitting the liveness detection and identity document. Once the user has submitted their data, the verification is processed by Passbase.

Verification Flow

A user completing a verification will go through these steps:

  1. Confirm the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy
  2. Enter an email address (this step can be skipped through the client-side SDK)
  3. Complete liveness detection
  4. Take a picture of an approved ID document
  5. Submit all information for processing

The verification flow usually takes less than 2 minutes.

Passbase Processing

After a verification is submitted, we automatically score all the information and send you the result within 3 minutes. During this evaluation, we ensure the individual is live, the identity document is authentic, and that the individual is the true owner of the identity document.


If you have questions regarding a specific verification, reach out to our support team at