How do I change the permissions associated with my account?

At Passbase, we understand how important it is for you to maintain a high level of confidentiality so that you can be sure all your user data is protected. In order to ensure that your Passbase account is as secure as possible, each team member can be assigned a role, which will give them a specific level of access on the dashboard through their role permissions.

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Getting Started

Account permissions control a team member's level of access to the Passbase dashboard and are determined by user roles, which are set by account owners and admins. The types of roles are:

  • Reviewer: Only allows team members to manually review verifications
  • Developer: Allows team members to review verifications and access developer tools.
  • Admin: Allows team members to review verifications, adjust account settings, access developer tools and manage teams
  • Owner: That's you. You have all the same rights as an Admin

Steps to Update Permissions

In order to change your permissions, you'll need to contact the account owner or an admin and ask them to update your role using the following steps:

  1. Go to to the Passbase Dashboard, and login with the email address and password used to activate your account

  2. In the bottom left corner, click Settings

  3. Within the Project section, click Team
  4. Click Edit in line with the team member's email address
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  5. Navigate to the Role box, and update the user role
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  6. Click Save Changes

Are you an account owner or administrator? Learn more about teams and permissions here