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How can I get integration support?

We have created a few tools to help you with your integration. Integration support is critical to getting the application to run smoothly on your platform. These tools are easily accessible in our Help Center and Developer Documentation.

Integration demoGetting Started

At Passbase, we understand how important it is for you to have access to all the tools available in case you need some extra assistance with your integration. To ensure that you have everything you might require, we offer a few different support options:

  1. Detailed Documentation
  2. Slack Support
  3. Email Support
  4. Bug Reporting


Our documentation offers a detailed, step-by-step guide for each client-side integration. You can also find information on server-side libraries, Passbase API, webhook events, and advanced customization.

Slack Support

Once you have upgraded to one of our pricing plans, your team will be invited to the Passbase Slack Support workspace. In addition to your private channel for integration support, Passbase provides public channels for product announcements, bug reporting, and more.

Email Our Support Team

If you prefer, you can also contact our support team via email. The support team will reach out within 48 business hours.

File a Bug Report

If you experience any issues with the Passbase integration or verification flow, please place a bug report via this form. After submitting, you will receive an email confirmation including your bug ticket report number. The support team will reach out within 48 hours.


Have a non-integration question? Our support team can also help