Do you support a React Native integration?

Yes! You can integrate our client-side SDK into your React Native app with just a few simple steps.


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Getting Started

You can easily integrate Passbase in your React Native app to ensure maximum security on your platform. You will then need to configure your backend to receive the Passbase webhook events, and call the Passbase API using one of our server-side libraries:

  1. Create a Passbase developer account if you have not done so
  2. Integrate the Verification flow with one of our client-side SDKs, React Native in this case
    • Store identityAccessKey returned from the onFinish or onSubmitted method
  3. Set up Webhooks, so that you are notified about completed or reviewed verification events
  4. Optional - Enable the Biometric Authentication flow
  5. Integrate one of our server-side libraries in your backend to query the Passbase API for details about a verification using identityAccessKey (client-side SDK) or key (from the webhook)

Please use only your publishable API key for integrations. Secret API keys can access sensitive user data, if leaked. To learn more about the differences between publishable and secret API keys, please see our documentation.


Steps to Integrate Passbase with React Native

  1. Install the package in your project
  2. Initialize the package with your API key
  3. Start a new verification process
    1. To speed up this process, you can prefill email address, country, and metadata
  4. Integrate handling the verification delegate/callback methods

Keep in mind that if you are using the demo UI for testing, in order to successfully finish a verification, you need to pass our liveness detection. This means that if you develop on a Simulator (e.g. iPhone Simulator via Xcode), you will only see the UI Demo Mode of our SDK so please use a real device to fully test and develop.


    Please see our documentation for more detailed instructions. You can also reach our support team at