Do you have an API Explorer?

Yes! Our Passbase API allows you to interact with our system through your secret API_KEY. With the API Explorer, you are able to test the API without setting up a webhook or using a third-party software solution.


You can choose three different endpoints, test their functionalities and get sample information from the request URL, the response body, response header and more.

How can I use the API Explorer?


To use the API Explorer you need an active paid plan at Passbase. If you don't have one, please sign up first.

  • Login to your account. If you have difficulties logging in, see how to reset your password.
  • Go to Settings > API Access and copy your secret API key.

    API Keys Gif

  • Navigate to our API Explorer dashboard.
  • Choose one of the three endpoints you want to test.
  • Insert your secret API key into the required field and enter the additional required information.
  • Test the endpoint by clicking Try.